About the homepage, the photographer, technique and purchase of pictures.

On these pages you can take a look at my pictures from the island Tjörn and some of the surrounding islands. You will find pictures from Åstol, Rönnäng and Kyrkesund and much more places. Click on the link "Pictures" in the meny to come to a clickable map over Tjörn. From here you can visit some of the places. On some of the pages there are links to other websites where you can find more information. 

The homepage has its origin in that I wanted to use all my pictures from Tjörn to something. So, why not show them on the Internet. In this way the rest of the world can see how beautiful it is on Tjörn. And I was able to merge two hobbies, photographing and building websites. 

The name of me that have taken the photographies and created this homepage, Tjörnbilder, is Lars Rosenhoff. Holiday visitor on Tjörn and a big fan of the island and an amateur photographer. I also like to kayaking which have taken me to a lot of the surrounding smaller islands. I like to visit places like Härön, Stigfjorden and Mjörn all the seasons.

If You are interested in photographing You perhaps want to know what kind of equipment I am using. Film; Fuji Sensia 100 and sometimes Fuji Velvia. Cameras and lenses from Pentax; MZ-5, SFXn and FA28-80mm zoom, F 70-210mm zoom, 100mm macro. Since 2005 also a digitalcamera, Olympus Camedia C-2100 ultrazoom. I scan my slides to PC with Minolta Dimáge Scan Dual II. But one of my favorite pictures is taken with a ordinary compact camera, Canon Prima Mini.

All pictures and material on this site is protected by law.
If you are interested in using any of the pictures, please contact me.

For more information about Tjörn please go to the municipality homepage. Touristinformation about the area named Bästkusten ("The best coast") that include Tjörn, Orust and Stenungsund are to be found on Bästkusten.


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